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Is your License and Insurance up to date with our agency?

Have you provided your most recent copy of you drivers license and proof of insurance to your CASA Supervisor or other staff? If not, please do so to ensure our agency is compliant and safe when traveling to serve our children. An easy way to accomplish this is by updating your information into Optima!

Volunteer Travel Reimbursement Procedures

Many of our volunteers do a great deal of traveling to meet the needs of and connect with their CASA children. Our agency wants to do all that we can to support these efforts, and we recognize that, at times, it may be necessary to request reimbursement for some expenses associated with your volunteer work. Before you submit any information to our agency, please contact your CASA Supervisor, as they will be the first step in approval of a reimbursement.

Please note: Child Advocates depends upon the generosity of our volunteers and our community to support our collective work. You are never required to request a reimbursement; thus, you are always welcome to consider your mileage and expenses as a gift. Our volunteers are asked to log their mileage and expenses into Optima, and this allows Child Advocates to track the incredible gift you give our children through the logs you are already keeping of your visits. No additional paperwork is necessary. If you would like a certification of your donated mileage for tax purposes, please contact our Program Director, who will be happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does mileage reimbursement work?

Child Advocates can reimburse volunteer mileage if the travel is done within our four-county service area of Archer, Clay, Montague and Wichita counties. This reimbursement is at the current IRS allowed rate, and it’s contingent upon a volunteer having provided our agency with a copy of their valid drivers license and proof of insurance PRIOR to traveling on behalf of our agency.

If you need to travel outside of our service area, Child Advocates will provide you a rental car. You will then be reimbursed for the fuel purchases necessary to return the vehicle. All rental cars must be returned with a full tank of fuel.

If you do not wish or are unable to drive the provided rental car, Child Advocates will reimburse volunteers a flat rate of $50, along with the fuel costs associated with the trip, if they wish to use their own vehicle.

Receipts must be provided to reimburse for the cost of fuel.

I have an expense, and I need to request reimbursement. Now what?

As stated above, please contact your CASA Supervisor, as they will be the ones to help you begin the process of approving your request, and they must approve the expense.

Once you have contacted your CASA Supervisor, you may use the forms on this page to submit your request. Please fill out each sheet, as all three are necessary to process your request. Please attach all necessary receipts and supporting documentation to ensure your request is processed correctly.

I have read all the information, and I still have questions. Who do I contact?

Please contact your CASA Supervisor, and they will help you find all the answers you need to complete the reimbursement process.

For a copy of our Volunteer Travel Reimbursement Procedures, as approved by our Board of Directors on 3/22/2017, please click use this link: 2017 Volunteer Travel Reimbursement Procedures

In the event of an accident, use this form to gather the necessary information: Crash Report Form
For a copy of our Volunteer Mileage Reimbursement Form, use this link: Volunteer Mileage Reimbursement Form. If this is your first time filling out this form, please do so with your CASA Supervisor. It’s essential for our records that all sections of the form are completed correctly in order to process your reimbursement in a timely manner.
For a copy of our Volunteer Expense Reimbursement Form, Use this Link: Volunteer Request for Expense Reimbursement. this form will be filled out in conjunction with the above Volunteer Mileage Reimbursement form. Again, if this is your first time filling out this form, please do so with your CASA supervisor.


CASA is happy to provide you with car seats to transport your CASA children safely. We have several available on a first come, first serve basis. We simply ask that you:

  1. Check them out appropriately. Your CASA Supervisor can help you with this simple process.
  2. Read the instruction manual for your vehicle to determine where to best install the car seat.
  3. Read the car seat manual to ensure you can install it correctly.
  4. When in doubt, ASK! Our CASA staff will be thrilled to help you install the car seat.

Below are the installation instructions and some helpful videos created by the car seat manufacturers. You could also visit csftl.org to learn more about safe car seat installation. Our children are precious gifts, and we thank you for taking the time to learn how to transport them safely. For more information about Car Seat laws in the state of Texas, click HERE.

Not sure which car seats your kids need to ride safely? Talk with your CASA Supervisor. We will make sure you have what you need!

Please Note: If You Are In A Fender Bender, Slight Accident, Or Even Accidentally Drop The Car Seat, It’s Very Important You Let Our Staff Know So The Seat Manual Instructions Can Be Followed For Any Replacement Or Repair Protocols. This Keeps Our Kids SAFE! Thank You!


(We Have Three Of These Available)

Weight Restriction: 5-40 lbs
Height Restriction: 19-40″
Fit Restriction: Harness positioned at or below the child’s shoulders, and head below the top of the 23″ shell
Age Restriction: Birth

Find detailed information about the seat HERE, and to read the manual, please use this link: COSCO SCENERA NEXT MANUAL.

Rear Facing Installation Videos

Install with LATCH

Install with BELT

Forward Facing Installation Videos (Child MUST Be At Least 2 Years Old And Weigh 22 Pounds)

Install with LATCH

Install with BELT


(We Have One Of These Available)

Child MUST Be At Least 2 Years Old, Weigh 22 Pounds, and be 27 inches tall

Forward facing weight limit: 22 – 65 lbs
Forward facing height limit: 27-57″
Highest harness position: 18.5″
High back or backless booster weight limit: 30-110 lbs
High back or backless booster height limit: 34-57″
20″ top high back booster shoulder belt guide
10 year expiration
LATCH allowed in booster mode
Tether is required in harness mode

For detailed information about the seat HERE, and to read the manual, click HERE.


(We Have One Of These Available)
minimum recommended age for booster seats is 5 years old

High back booster weight range: 30-100 lbs.
High back booster height range: 38-57″
Backless booster weight range: 40-110 lbs.
Backless booster height range: 40-57″
Highest booster guide position: 19″

Find detailed information about the seat HERE, and to read the manual, click HERE.


(We Have One Of These Available)
Child MUST Be A Minimum Of 6 Years Old

Weight range: 60-120 lbs.
Height range: 47-60″
Age minimum: 6 years old (this is not in the manual, but is printed on the seat itself)

Find detailed information about the seat HERE, and to read the manual, click HERE.