Fostering more natural adult connections for children.

Studies have shown that one of the strongest indicators for child well-being is the number of committed adults in a child’s life. A CASA volunteer can help provide that connection, but also work towards fostering more natural adult connections for … Read more

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

We are all responsible for protecting and caring for the children in our community. If you think a child may be in danger, you can report abuse, neglect or exploitation to DFPS … Read more

Emily’s Dragon

It is for children like Emily that we stand dedicated to ending child abuse and neglect in our community. But once a child is removed from their home, their story is not over. CASA volunteers stand by these vulnerable children … Read more

Today is Texas Go Blue Day!

Today is Texas Go Blue Day to raise awareness of child abuse and neglect. Together we can stop child abuse and neglect. Be sure to share a picture along with why you … Read more